A team dressed in black quietly approaches a house. A truck is parked in the driveway. Visible light shines from an upstairs room. Two people move to the back of the house while two people go to the front door. One of the men raises his arm to bang his fist on the door. “Fugitive Recovery Agent! Open up! John Smith, Open up!” If the fugitive doesn’t open the door, the bounty hunters will kick it down and find him. If he flees, they will pursue him in order to take him into custody. It’s not personal, it’s business.

Bounty hunters can collect money from bail bondsmen by recovering wanted fugitives who skipped town on court day. Bounty hunters can be bail bondsmen, too. Bounty hunters may even be skip tracers, people who find the location of the missing defendants. But not all skip tracers are bounty hunters.

Skip tracing is used for broader purposes than to locate criminal defendants. At Dr. Skiptracer, we do not capture people running from the law into custody. We do not repossess items. We do not harass people.

At Dr. Skiptracer, we locate people at the request of lawful clients by analyzing data and uncovering patterns. We search public records and private databases. False and outdated information must be sifted through to find current details like addresses, phone numbers and employment. Information is verified and reported to the client. Skip tracing is not about knocking down doors and handcuffing individuals, it’s about spending the time and effort to find the best information.
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