Debt collection and related tasks like skip tracing can carry a stigma due to the fraudulent actions of select individuals. To help end the negative impression, law-abiding companies in the industry like Dr Skiptracer, LLC follow mandates by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

One important law governing debt collection is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, first passed in 1977. It provides personal consumer debt protection by prohibiting abusive collector behaviors and allowing recourse for victimized debtors. For example, threat of bodily harm, misrepresenting the amount of debt, or reporting false information to credit companies is not allowed under the legislation. For more information, check out the FTC’s website:

Companies and individuals that engage in nefarious activities are not welcome to operate in the United States. Professionals within the skip tracing and debt collection industry like Dr. Skiptracer, LLC comply fully with the law, using only courteous and legal means to obtain client satisfaction.