Lost and Found

Skip tracing involves searching private databases in addition to publicly available information such as tax records, court records, and published articles. Delinquent debtors and criminal fugitives are primary candidates for a skip trace, but they are not the only individuals sought in the process. There are non-financial and non-judicial reasons to be searching for someone.

Adoptees who are now adults may desire to find birth parents. A birth parent may wish to search for a child given up for adoption decades ago. Military veterans who lost touch after leaving the force and entering civilian life may want to reconnect. There are many people seeking to find one another.

In cases where it’s lawful to conduct searches, skip tracing can be a way to make connections to loved ones. With personal information such as a full legal name, date of birth, or a previous address, a search can be done. Matching the given personal information to current, verified information means a skip tracer makes connections to the once lost, now found person.

As shown, skip tracing applies to situations outside of debt collection and court cases. Is there someone from your past that you are looking for? Contact Dr Skiptracer, LLC to see if we can help you find someone.