Skip Tracing and Google

The Importance of Google in Skip Tracing

Skip tracing involves the use of many tools in order to locate a person. Complex, private databases available to Dr. Skiptracer, LLC are used as well as information the client provides. In addition to these options, searching public records reveals even more data. A great way to mine for facts in public records is by using Google. An experienced searcher can turn a simple Google search into the path to locating an individual.

A Google search benefits a skip trace in many ways:

  • It validates information already obtained
  • It expands on partial information
  • It can link together information to form a timeline of whereabouts
  • It can find new information which leads to the sought after individual
    • For example, by typing in an individual’s full name into Google, potential phone numbers, addresses, employment information and more becomes apparent. The more information available, the better Google works during skip tracing.

Sometimes private databases will turn up incomplete information about a person. For example, part of an employer name is listed, but no other detail. By searching Google with the partial company name, a full name can be found along with its location, contact information, employee bios, job titles, and contact details. Google finds publicly available social media accounts and that research can be used to find an individual as well.

Using Google unlocks extra information. An experienced skip tracing company like Dr. Skiptracer, LLC understands the value of Google and will use it effectively to help you find the people you’re seeking. Contact us today so we can begin your search.
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